Younger and younger it seems, our children want to be just like us. How can they resist when we have bright, shiny, glossy nails and they don’t? Inevitably, your daughters will beg you to paint their nails, but before you oblige in a little mommy-daughter mani-pedi time, make sure you look for non-toxic nail polish to use on those little hands and feet.

You can use the same nail polish you use on your own nails, however, check the ingredients. If you see formaldehyde, phthalates of any kind, or toluene on there, toss it and switch to a safer nail polish. Here are some brands that have all the color you want without all the toxins.


Suncoat Girl

This line of nail polish was specifically formulated with children in mind. It’s water-based and can be peeled off. It is safe for children ages 3 and up. There are a variety of vibrant spring colors available with names like Twinkled Pink, Majestic Purple, Disco Ball, Mermaid Blue, and Sunflower, to name a few.



In addition to being non-toxic, this brand is also completely vegan. Frenzy, Cameo, and Cupid are just a few of their colors from an extensive product line.


Keeki was created especially for kids by the founders of the company who had searched for safe nail polishes for their own kids. The polishes by Keeki are water-based and completely safe for those precious little fingers and toes. Fun names like Glazed Donut and Raspberry Sorbet make them even more kid-appealing.

Priti in Pink Princess

Priti came out with their own line of non-toxic children’s nail polish. In colors that little princesses love the most, you can feel good about adorning your daughter’s fingers with these paints. They have plenty of fun colors for kids and one of them is glows in the dark. How cool!


Piggy Paint

For every shade of the rainbow, Piggy Paint has it. Moms love it because it is safe for little hands and feet while also being bright and fun.


Hopscotch Kids

Made from just three non-toxic ingredients, this brand gives fun and playful names to their water-based polishes. Each vibrant color is named for a children’s game or song like Heads Up, Seven Up or Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater.



Safe and kid-friendly Zoya has over 300 nail polish colors in 8 different collections. There’s even a collection of safe neon!



Trendy colors in runway-ready styles are safe for you and kids too. New spring colors include Poncho, a cool mint green, and an enticing lavender hue called Jumper.

Now you can get your nails done with your child without worry that you’re poisoning them with toxins. Schedule a mommy-daughter date with some quality pampering time today!