Sooner or later, every mom of daughters gets off that important phone call only to realize the house is too quiet. When she finds her daughters, they’re gleefully painting each other up with her best makeup. They’re too cute to stay mad at though. As she cleans them up, they inevitably ask if they can wear makeup when they’re bigger. Or perhaps they’ve seen a commercial for girls’ makeup between their favorite shows on TV.

natural kids makeup

However it happens, most little girls will ask at some point if they can wear makeup. Maybe they’re too young to wear it in public but they want to play dress-up. Maybe they participate in dance recitals and need to wear it for a performance. But before you help them apply lipstick and blush, do you know what kind of chemicals you’re putting on their tender faces?


Chemicals are all around us, and makeup is one of the biggest offenders of that. Children have more absorbent skin so anything you allow them to use on their faces will affect their health as they get older. The more they use these toxic products, the more likely they will be to develop diseases like cancer and other health issues.


It’s not too late for your skin either! Set a good example by switching to makeup created by brands that are natural and organic. Organic or natural makeup items are made from all natural ingredients and are free of synthetics and chemicals. You’ll find them full of naturally occurring elements like minerals and they are usually colored with fruits that are rich in antioxidants.


For younger girls, a great choice for a makeup kit for play time is the EcoPrincess All Natural & Organic Play Makeup Set. It was created by a mom who wanted to change the industry by making something safe for the girls of the world to play with. The ingredients are free of parabens, sulfates and other toxins. The makeup wears off rather quickly, but for dress-up fun, it’s perfect!


For performances, special occasions, or as your daughters get bigger and want to wear a little makeup to school, brands like Physician’s Formula, Bare Minerals, and Ecco Bella are great choices. Each one is all natural in composition. Ecco Bella is particularly great for lipstick. As your daughters hit their teen years and breakouts become frequent, Bare Minerals is a brand that will help keep skin from breaking out.


Making smart choices for makeup by buying organic and natural products is the best way to show your daughters how to take care of their skin. When they use products that are good for them and the environment, you’ll only have important things to worry about. Like when they start asking you if they can go out with boys!