Most young kids when they need something tend to be expressive through actions and react more than they want to voice it out. There are lot of factors why such children act in different ways, one might be adapt from their parents common traits the other, maybe from what they see, hear, and observe around them, and it comes depends on how you deal with them in terms of their needs and wants. When the children tends to be aggressive, and it cause you problem, then instead putting it to worst why not find ways on how to keep them calm and or at ease.

It’s not easy to deal with a child who can’t control their anger, especially if they don’t know how to approach things and the only means of letting you understand them is by expressing anger, a child doesn’t know yet if what they do or speak out is wrong. So instead of stressing yourself out slapping or giving him or her punishment, why not help them manage what they feel and act. You can still control their aggressive attitude if you know how to help them deal with it.

Here are some ways on how you help your child manage his or her feelings;

Ask about his or her feelings

You have to talk to your child at ease. Talk about what he or she really feels or what he or she really likes to do. In this way you can avoid him or her to worsen his tantrums. Ask him why she reacts and teach him on how to do it calm.

Let him or her understand what he or she does

Since you can’t just let him do what you wanted to do for him, then explain to him about his or her reactions and wrong doings.

Act it out solution

You can help your child to calm down by make a role play situation with her or him, there he or she have the idea on how to express what he feels and what he wants.

Give him simple reminder on how to calm down

Remind your child on how to make herself better instead of showing anger. Give him or her a hug and tell him calmly. You can prevent your child to expose anger when he or she knows how to control anger and aggressiveness.

Explain right from wrong

You can describe him or her what is good and what is not, here, your child will have the idea on what is the right thing to do.


No punishment

As much as you want to stop your child of having an irritable attitude, but harsh punishment is not good solution to keep your child in calm state.

It’s not easy to deal to children, who have aggressive attitude, because sometimes you can’t control your words and actions you might hurt them too. So if this behavior becomes worse and disrupts you and other members of the family at home then you have to speak immediately to health counselor psychologist to give you expert advice.