deal-with-jealousy-in-childrenWhether you are working with your partner in raising your kids, or it’s only you who are raising them up, raising kids properly in a manner that they will soon become polite, well-mannered, and bright kid is what could be one of the most challenging jobs you could ever face. Before you step into the world of parenting, here are some tips in raising them properly in order to become an effective parent to them.


Help them boost their self-confidence

Young kids, especially teenagers, are struggling in boosting their own self-confidence. The least thing that you can do is try to help them in doing so. Always look out for the way you talk, act, express your emotion and lace out the tone of your voice because they will be absorbing every bit of it and it can affect them in building their self-confidence and self-esteem. By praising them for their skills and achievements, you are helping your child to become a better person. Do not ever compare them to other kids because it would make them feel as if they are worthless.


Appreciate their efforts

As much as possible, you should praise them more than you lecture them about their negative attitude and unpleasant manners or even mistakes. They are exerting an effort too, you should keep your eyes wide open to the things that they are doing just for you because that will make them feel as if they have finally done something right. Stop criticizing them, instead focus on their good deeds.

Phrases such as “I was watching you while you are painting, you are really doing great. Keep it up!” will lift their mood. Make it a habit that you always praise them every single day, but not too much that their head will bloat with fake praises. Be sincere about your compliments and you’ll notice that they will try growing up the way you want them to be.



Set limitations

You have to discipline your child because it is necessary in molding them into a better person. You know you’re doing good with disciplinary when your child doesn’t loathe you for prohibiting them to watch TV until midnight, instead they are starting to change their behaviour and they are learning to control their self. This will ensure you that they will eventually grow up as responsible adults. In disciplining them, start by establishing some house rules that each one of them needs to follow. These house rules may include “No desserts if your homework is not done.”, “No bullying inside the house” or simply assign them household chores that they can execute properly.

Being a parent is no joke—it takes a lot of patience in order to raise your child into a wonderful person that you want them to be. However, with the correct perception, understanding and mind set, you are bound to raise them the way you want them to be—better persons in the future.