How To Help Your Child Deal With His Aggressive Behavior

Most young kids when they need something tend to be expressive through actions and react more than they want to voice it out. There are lot of factors why such children act in different ways, one might be adapt from their parents common traits the other, maybe from what they see, hear, and observe around them, and it comes depends on how you deal with them in terms of their needs and wants. When the children tends to be aggressive, and it cause you problem, then instead putting it to worst why not find ways on how to keep them calm and or at ease.

It’s not easy to deal with a child who can’t control their anger, especially if they don’t know how to approach things and the only means of letting you understand them is by expressing anger, a child doesn’t know yet if what they do or speak out is wrong. So instead of stressing yourself out slapping or giving him or her punishment, why not help them manage what they feel and act. You can still control their aggressive attitude if you know how to help them deal with it.

Here are some ways on how you help your child manage his or her feelings;

Ask about his or her feelings

You have to talk to your child at ease. Talk about what he or she really feels or what he or she really likes to do. In this way you can avoid him or her to worsen his tantrums. Ask him why she reacts and teach him on how to do it calm.

Let him or her understand what he or she does

Since you can’t just let him do what you wanted to do for him, then explain to him about his or her reactions and wrong doings.

Act it out solution

You can help your child to calm down by make a role play situation with her or him, there he or she have the idea on how to express what he feels and what he wants.

Give him simple reminder on how to calm down

Remind your child on how to make herself better instead of showing anger. Give him or her a hug and tell him calmly. You can prevent your child to expose anger when he or she knows how to control anger and aggressiveness.

Explain right from wrong

You can describe him or her what is good and what is not, here, your child will have the idea on what is the right thing to do.


No punishment

As much as you want to stop your child of having an irritable attitude, but harsh punishment is not good solution to keep your child in calm state.

It’s not easy to deal to children, who have aggressive attitude, because sometimes you can’t control your words and actions you might hurt them too. So if this behavior becomes worse and disrupts you and other members of the family at home then you have to speak immediately to health counselor psychologist to give you expert advice.

How To Deal With Jealousy In Your Children


Jealousy commonly comes out when you have two or more children in the family and it particularly arises because of some factors that lead them to be jealous. This negative feeling can be avoided as long as you know how to deal with you kids and you have your own ways and means so that your children won’t feel this kind of feeling. You have to be sensitive when it comes to your child’s feeling. You must pay attention to what could make them better and what could not make them feel that jealousy. As parents, you have to be considerate and balance with what you do and how you deal with each child, don’t wait until that such feeling could ruin your relationship, so if you don’t have much idea on how to deal with children who gets jealous here are some ways to help you out.

Stop spoiling

Spoiling you child is not good. if you pamper them too much, and another member comes out, when you put attention to that child too much he or she would feel insecure, and this feeling could depress child and he would feel small of his or herself.

Don’t be a demanding parent

As much as you want to control your child, you should be careful when it comes to set strict policy when inside the house without giving them explanation because this could affect child’s social growth development and his means of associating with others too. So don’t be too demanding if your child creates mistakes or faults in the family.

Avoid comparison

Never compare each one of your children, comparing each other can lead one child to lack of self-esteem as he or she grows up. He could detach from your other child and their relationship can be at stake too.

Don’t create unhealthy activities

Don’t ever create competition which leads to comparison of both children. This does not give a good impression to your child’s ability and it could lead her to develop more. He or she will be shy and lack of confidence.

Stay fair

Be equal to rights. Don’t let your child feel that he or she is more talented than the other one. Be rational.

Who would want their children to get mad at each other and create grudges just because of jealousy? Parents must not forget that if you let your child feel this, you would probably cause them to think of negative thoughts and actions, this can create detachment to both sibling’s feelings with each other, that instead that they care for each other, they love each other, comfort and enjoy each other’s company, you have just made them feel unworthy, out of love and loner, this effects can lead to a child to do something bad and seeks more attention to other things and not to you anymore. You actually put gap with your relationship. So stop this jealousy before it gets worse.

How To Discipline Your Child?

A well-disciplined child is not giving you stress nor headache, especially when they know what is right from wrong. As parents, even if it’s hard to do, but you really need to teach your child good values and traits before they go out in the society and deal with different types of people because discipline really matters. Of course, parents like you want good remarks or feedbacks from people with regards with how your child behaves and acts properly. Although there are some parents who can’t be able to do it because of busy days and other important matter.

If you tried to deal with your children who don’t obey and give much respect then you must learn how to let them become one. You can teach them and present good deeds to come out rewarding. So to help on how to do it here are some tips.

Show them good traits

When you want to discipline your child, the first thing to do is to do it on yourself first. Be a role model for your child, show good deeds and moral values, in that way you can assure that your child will mind what you say and what you do for him, her and others.

Teach them how to become one

If you want your child to become good citizen, then the best thing to do is to teach him or her simple values which he or she can apply for himself. Although is not easy to have a child who doesn’t want to listen to you, but if you are patient enough then you can let him do things in a good way. Don’t just slap, or shout at your child’s fault or mistakes instead, teach him or her what are the necessary things that can make him a good person.

If they behave well then give them reward

Good children deserve a reward.  Sometimes incentives can be good help for you to discipline your child easily, because if they listen and done good things with a reward then they will maintain their good attitude. And they will be more motivated to do it too.

Discuss carefully simple values

When you want to teach your child good values, then you have to explain the details carefully. You have to let him or her understand what such values means and how it affects his or her personality and towards others too.

Don’t tolerate wrong doings

If you think that your child express wrong things in just a day, then you have to stop it before it becomes worse.

To discipline a child is not easy. You have to be patient, determined and calm when you want your child to come out good in the eyes of other people. Who would not want their child to be quiet, respectful and polite? You can choose any of those tips on how to deal with your kids but as much as you want to discipline them, you must avoid harsh punishment.

Tips in Raising your Kids Happy and Healthy

We all wanted to be the best parents of the world. Seeing your kids growing happy and healthy is one of the treasures in life that no one can replace. Here are some tips in raising your kids properly, as it was proven by  scientific research and studies.


Do not mind their height

It doesn’t matter if your kid is a couple of inches taller than you or they have mature faces, they are still kids and their brain is still working and developing. It doesn’t mean that they have grown up to be such handsome and pretty young adults that you’ll not bother to lecture them anymore because they know what they are doing. As much as possible, keep in touch with them despite of all the physical changes they have gone through.


Always support your shy kid

Not all your children are more than happy to interact with others and talk to other kids. There are some who have not overcome shyness and would rather stay alone than go out and play with the other. According to a research, shy kids are most likely to develop anxiety disorders—one thing that you must prevent them from having. As much as possible, try to encourage them to get out of their comfort zone and introduce them to the world, but do not try to change their behaviour.

Try to live with their perception

As parents, you could think nothing but bills, problems, the future of your kids and so on but for a 3-year old kid, nothing matters as long as they can play around and eat when they are hungry. As much as possible, try living with their perception as of the moment, forget your problems for a while and go out to play with your son. In that way, they would feel your presence as a supporting parent who understood that children are just that—kids.


Encourage them to voice out their emotions

You may notice that older kids tend to express their feelings more than younger ones. It’s because your 3 year old kid would often lack the vocabulary in order to express their emotions, but they do understand it somehow. As much as possible, encourage them to express how they feel on their own way.


Take it slow

Don’t rush it—everything takes time. Especially young kids who move in a slower pace because they tend to enjoy and try to understand everything that you are trying to say. Try to set a schedule for certain things such as their usual bed time routine or a trip to the grocery store the next morning.


Minimize distractions

If you see distractions around, eliminate it. If you are going to spend some time with your kids, make sure that you are not constantly checking your phone for emails or scrolling in your Facebook newsfeed otherwise your son or daughter may feel neglected. Set a time just for them and focus on it.

How to Raise a Well Rounded Child

Raising kids is one big responsibility and every parent’s goal is to raise a well rounded and successful child in the future. As parents, they are the number one provider of everything for their kids and in order to achieve this child, below are the following steps you can follow.

Develop Confidence

One of the most important steps you can do to your child is building his/her self-confidence.  The goal of the parents is to make their child feel confident and competent while enjoying around. With this it can help your child discover their worth and their purpose in their life.  A confident child widens their knowledge and curiosity towards the world.

Establish Friendly Relationship

Establishing a good relationship with your child is a good starter towards relations with others. Establishing relationship with others builds the vital social skills of your child, which is the one of the most essential thing that they should develop. Let them play with others kids so as they grow it will be easy for them to adjust and understand each others personality.

Help Them with Self Identity

For your child, the parents are considered as their world. In everything they do they will ask your approval before they are planning to do something. That is why parents should know and help their kids explore different activities to help discover what they are passionate about. Ask them what they want to do so they could experience things.

Celebrate Curiosity

Kids are always curious to everything; they could ask everything and anything based from what they see and heard. And it is important as parents to be responsible in answering them, or perhaps provide them a free environment where they can confidently ask questions. Help them understand things around and the consequences to face so it will be easier for them to see the real world.

Be A Model

As parents one of your responsibilities is to be role model to your kids. If you want to have a happy and well-discipline child then you need to show to the kids how you handle things around. Some parents find it cute if kids answer back at them in a silly way or trying to be grown-up even if they are not yet. A role model shows positive things to people such as having a healthy lifestyle.

Open Their Mindset

Parents love to praise their kids, especially if they have done something good in their school, but in order to make them brighter in the future do not label their achievements as the best of all. It only tells them that they have done the best of all resulting them to limit themselves from what they do. It is important they need to keep on learning and explore beyond their limitations do grow up with confidence and innovations.

Engage in sports

Engaging your kids in sports are the best activity you can give to your kids. Not only they will keep them fit, it will also build their sportsmanship which they can bring as they grow up. Also the pain of losing and the reward of winning can help them build strength in all the problems they will face in the future.

Remove Social Stress

Expand the horizon of your kids and help them explore new things around them. Let them discover freedom and self-worth through taking them to theme parks, traveling to Disneyland and other activity areas that can mingle with others. With that your kids will always have a positive outlook towards life and open up their mind that there’s more in life to explore.